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Official replica shirt of Germany for the 1978 World Cup.

The selection of Federal Germany was one of the 16 participating countries in the 1978 World Cup, held in Argentina. The German national team qualified thanks to winning the previous World Cup.

In that tournament, West Germany, as it was known, started drawing 0-0 with Poland. In the second clash, the German team, which, curiously, was playing against Mexico, devastated the Central American team, giving them a result of six goals to nil. In the third and final clash of that first round, they drew 0-0, guaranteeing their presence in the next round.
However, things went wrong in that second group stage. The first match brought a duel against Italy, in which they drew 0-0. In the next clash, against the Netherlands, the result was repeated: 0-0. Finally, the match against Austria certified the German fall. The Austrian team won 3-2 and left Federal Germany out in that World Cup that Argentina ended up winning in front of their fans.

The Erima logo was seen at the 1978 World Cup. For design purposes, there were no major changes from previous models (the revolution came in 1988). As you know, Germany traditionally plays in a white shirt and black shorts.

50% cotton, 50% polyester fabric.



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